Civilian Face Masks



Masks: $2.75/piece. 500 pieces in a box.

- Leadtime - Cut and Sew - 2-3 days
- Outer Layer - 100% Polyester fusing
- Inner Layer - 50/50 Polyester/Cotton jersey
- Polyester fusing has high wicking properties
- Elastic Options - 1/4” more comfortable -OR- 3/8” stronger with more recovery

- Available in sizes: Toddler, Child, S/M, L/XL
- The mask has a dart at the top of the nose to create shape allowing for the binding to 
snugly hug your face above your cheekbones, close to your eyes, allowing for maximum coverage to eliminate exposure. There is also a seam at the bottom to create a chin plate, creating shape to the lower portion of the mask.